Tequilla White

Media Relations

We work to foster strong relationships with the media giving your brand a platform to shine. Designing customized targeted lists that will directly connect you with your dream media outlets, consumers and/or clients, we work to craft a story that reflects your values. Crafting each and every pitch carefully, preparing you for interviews and representing your brand with professionalism and quality is our first and priority.

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Media Training

Nervous about speaking with the media? Don’t worry, we got you. We will work to make sure you are comfortable and prepared for your interviews. Focusing on your tone, body language and key messages we will make sure that you go into your interviews cool, calm and collected.

Crisis Communication

Things don’t always go as planned. That’s why we are here to protect and defend your brand reputation. We anticipate crisis with prepared statements, media monitoring and making sure you are trained how to respond. With our team you will be able to confidently avert any crisis that comes your way.

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Sponsorship Activation

Partnering with reputable brands that align with your brand values is key to raising brand awareness and growing your audience. We will work with you to create a well researched and targeted list making it a mutually beneficial relationship for all involved. Amplify your reach and build relationships through the inclusion of sponsors for your event.  

Event Planning

With experience working with national corporate brands, non-profit organizations and local businesses, we will make sure your event gets the media coverage it deserves both pre and post event along with VIPs in attendance. Let us make your branded event seamless and successful.

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Social Media Management

Focusing on social listening, social analytics and social engagement, we will work to create a cohesive brand story across all social platforms. Developing relevant content topics to connect with your target audience while cultivating leads and building brand visibility.

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